Behind the Scenes:  Our Marketplace

Behind the Scenes: Our Marketplace

I’m excited.  You may have noticed a couple of social media posts about our Marketplace launch.  Want a “behind the scenes” look?  Read on…

I began dreaming of Spinney Media last summer.  I had left CD Baby a few months before.  My wife, Sue, and I were starting our own businesses; I was eager to keep working in the music industry.

So I planned and kicked off a pilot called “Spinney Media” around Lean principles:

  • Hypothesis (Plan)
  • Test with an Minimally Viable Product (Do)
  • Analyze Feedback (Check)
  • Continue, Adjust, or Pivot (Act)

I am a nerd when it comes to Lean and data.

My first pilot with Spinney Media was to see if people would consign their vinyl collections to me; then I would sell it on their behalf.  This was for casual collectors - people who didn’t have the time or resources to do all the work involved in cleaning, inspecting, posting, and selling used vinyl.  With each sale, collectors would earn more money than selling their collections for a fixed price per record.

That pilot lasted a few weeks.  Everyone wanted to sell their vinyl collections to me, not consign them.  They didn’t want to wait for a potentially larger payoff down the road.  They wanted cash.  Now.


My second iteration was to buy and sell used vinyl online.  Our first purchases and sales were successful.  Collectors, music fans, and I were all happy.  And selling used vinyl was profitable.

That service continues through today, adjusted around what I’ve learned along the way.  What you’re seeing in our social media posts are reviews from happy music fans that have purchased the used vinyl I sell.

Now I’m thrilled to be expanding Spinney Media into its next phase:  helping independent artists and labels sell their new-condition physical merch, starting with vinyl, CDs, and cassette tapes.  

Joel, my Founding Partner, and I assembled racks this week (pictured).  This kicks off our pilot, fondly called the “basement pilot,” here in Portland, OR.  We’re thrilled to be back in this space, helping indie musicians and labels, working with industry partners, and delighting music fans.

Check out our Marketplace.  We’ve launched with three amazing artists:  Jane Siberry, Two Steps From Hell (TSFH), and Thomas Bergersen (a member of TSFH).  We’ll be adding more bands, artists, and labels and as we grow from our basement pilot and expand toward racking up our first warehouse.

Did I say I was excited?  Over the moon?  

Stay tuned!  Keep in touch by joining our mailing list.

Physical is the Future!

 – Rob

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