Let's Upgrade That Digital-Only Release Strategy

Let's Upgrade That Digital-Only Release Strategy

Vinyl and CD sales are up again.  Fans are excited to buy albums again.  And…

Indie artists are still using a digital-only approach.

“...Even though UK vinyl sales in 2023 were at their highest since 1990, a recent Ditto Music report found that only 12.8% of independent artists have released music on vinyl, indicating a gap in their earning potential on this platform.” - Sound on Sound

For all the growth in physical media popularity and sales, indie musicians are under-represented.  Why?

Digital distribution seems cheap and easy - a corner to cut in getting your music out there.  Does a digital-only release strategy work?

Tony Van Veen from Disc Makers does a great job of comparing the value of CDs versus streaming here.  In a nutshell, streaming is fantastic at being portable, marketing your music, and finding new fans. 

Digital streaming hasn’t proven to be good at fan engagement.  Your fans want a tactile experience.  Your fans want to get to know and support you.

And making money with a digital-only release strategy?  Relying on micro-pennies isn’t making money for most independent artists.

So here’s the good news:

  • Vinyl wait times are down to 6-12 weeks from their pandemic peak of 26 weeks to never
  • Compact discs can be pressed and delivered in as little as 1-2 weeks

More good news.  Production prices are coming down from pandemic peaks.  Compact discs can be pressed in small batches with a nice jacket for less than $3 a disc.  Vinyl prices are coming down, too.  You can press vinyl at 100 units for $999.

Ready to upgrade your digital-only release strategy to include physical?  There's never been a better time than now.


What is Spinney Media?

For as little as $1.99 a month, we can do it all for you - store, list on multiple marketplaces, collect orders, pick, pack, ship, and provide awesome service to your fans.  The best part?  You keep 100% of your sales for each and every album you sell.

Interested?  Excited?

Join our mailing list at the bottom of our main page.  A lucky few will be invited to apply for our alpha and beta tests as we work toward launch.  And we’ll keep everyone updated along the way.

I look forward to helping each and every one of you jump into this future - the future of physical fulfillment with Spinney Media.

– Rob

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